A hydrating body lotion that keeps skin soft, smooth, and happy. Never sticky, never greasy. And it smells gooooood.


Our body deserves replenishment and care. It’s thirsty, it’s dry, it works hard, it’s exposed to the elements, and it ages. Let’s start looking after it!


Skin Party may sound fun and smell cute, but it’s not kidding around, ingredients-wise. Jammed with hydrating oils and essential fatty acids, (sweet almond, squalane), water-drawing humectants (glycerin) powerhouse occlusives (shea butter, coconut oil), antioxidants (vitamin e, rosemary leaf extract) and calming chamomile, gotu kola and liquorice root extract.


This comforting lotion protects the moisture barrier and softens even very dry, delicate, or dehydrated skin. And since it’s partly water-based and loaded with ingredients that help the skin retain moisture, it sinks in deep, and keeps you hydrated for longer.

Skin Party is designed to deeply nourish and comfort your skin in equal measure, on and off the dance floor.

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