A cleanser that actually, ya know, cleans.


Unlike facial cleansers that are unnecessarily harsh, foamy or scratchy, or too thick and creamy, leaving behind residue and dissatisfaction, Properly Clean is a natural face cleanser that cleans. Properly.


It doesn't take smokos and it never chucks sickies: it's on the g-damn task, day and night. Low levels of non-irritating willow bark extract (an extremely gentle version of salicylic acid), ensures your skin is thoroughly clean but never dry or unbalanced, while the all-natural silky soft mousse leaves your face smooth, hydrated and happy.


Soft enough for mature skin. Gentle enough for sensitive skin or breakout-y skin. Nourishing enough for dry skin. Balanced enough for oily skin. Properly Clean’s got a pH of 5.6 - 6.0 and is a solid 10 all round.

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