Kudarat Launch
6:00 PM18:00

Kudarat Launch

Join us as we celebrate the launch of the new Kudarat line and indulge in small bites & bubbles!

This Houston based company offers gluten free, all-natural skincare products, home-made by Bellaire resident Wendi Sudhakar. Come listen to Wendi’s amazing story as she shares her journey of using and developing all-natural skincare products.

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Into Essential Oils Class 101 with Rebekah Goodwin
6:00 PM18:00

Into Essential Oils Class 101 with Rebekah Goodwin

Who would you like to kick toxins out of your home? Do you know a family member that could really use help kicking off that healthy lifestyle? How about that friend who uses really harsh chemical cleaners that make you stop breathing when you visit? Or that cousin that really needs help with immune support? Or your sister who loves makeup but uses products filled with synthetic dyes & fragrances, metals, and phthalates?

Anyone pop into your head when you thinking about those questions? Invite them, too! 

Ticket Price: $25

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Love Your Body Event - Sexual Self-Care and Satisfaction
6:00 PM18:00

Love Your Body Event - Sexual Self-Care and Satisfaction

Join Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator Eva Blake for an arousing class revealing the secrets of creating and sustaining a dynamic, sensational sex life that you care for deeply.

See HERE for tickets ($25) and additional information.

More About This Event:

Living a Sexually Satisfied Life is showing up connected to and confident in yourself, choosing your sexual moments, knowing what you want, and clearly communicating your needs. It is feeling grounded, knowing that you deserve to feel good and safe, and allowing yourself to stretch into every inch and ounce of your body’s capacity for ecstasy.

But we can’t do all that if we aren’t caring for our sexuality with the kind of discipline, determination, and discernment as we do our skin care routine, our diet plan, or our fitness goals.

In this class, we’ll focus on:

• The distinctions between self-care, sensuality, and sexual pleasure and how all three are vitally important for good health, amazing sex, and your best life.

• Real practices for you to come home to your body, be your own best lover, and be an exceptional lover to another.

• How to break out of the cycles of stress and shame so you can heal yourself, feel powerful in your body, and deserving in your pleasure, by yourself or with a partner.

• The #1 scientifically-proven strategy to long-lasting intimacy.

This class is excellent for you if...

  • You and your partner are in a sexual stalemate. You crave a fulfilling sex life, but you feel frustrated and disappointed during or after sex or you’re not having sex at all.

  • You consistently get triggered in sexual environments or intimate moments with another person, and you’re not sure how to mitigate the anxiety so you can connect sexually with another person and feel calm, confident, and present.

  • You currently experience low libido, lack of desire, or general disinterest in sex and what you really want is to have a vibrant, dynamic sexual relationship with yourself and / or someone else.

  • You’re not having an orgasm or you ejaculate earlier that you want to, and you’re tired of feeling like a failure at sex with yourself or your partner.

  • This class is for you if you’re ready for new information and willing to implement what you learn to establish new habits to integrate your sexuality into your self-care construct and design a sex life you will love.

Regardless of your gender or sexual preferences, Eva is dedicated to centering your sexuality as wholly your own, not dependent on, possessed by, or needing approval from any other person.

Eva will not going to judge your choices or tell you what kind of sex or relationship is right or wrong. She will simply share principles and strategies to support you to make the best choices for yourself in your most intimate of moments.

To help you settle in and lubricate your courage, we’ll be offering little nibbles and wine for those of age. Please come well-hydrated and well-fed.

We look forward to connecting with you.

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