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Meet Jordan

Jordan Meadows, the glue that holds everything together, lives in Houston where she is a superstar retail connoisseur. She is an everyday rockstar but nothing stands in the way of her number one role … Mommy!

In Jordan’s world anything can be fixed with a venti iced coffee, a face mask and sweet “I love yous” from her Charlie Boy.

Products She’s Currently Obsessed With:

1.       Keri Gran – Cleansing Oil

2.       Plant Apothecary –  Ground Control Oil

3.       Lady Suite – Botanical Oil

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Meet Brooke

Brooke Lera, the free spirit, recently packed up her life in California where she worked in the fashion industry for 3+ years. After the opportunity arose to start an empowering and meaningful company with her two sisters she loaded up her funky wardrobe and headed back to the Lone Star State.

In Brooke’s world anything can be fixed with a dirty martini, a face mask and a 5 minute dance party.

Products She Currently Can’t Live Without:

1.      Rose Quartz Roller

2.      French Girl - Cleansing Oil

3.      BOPO – Empower Facial Elixir

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Meet Samantha

Samantha Lera, the planner, lives in Chicago where she works in integrated marketing and communications. She may currently live in the midwest but Samantha makes it a point to stay true to her southern roots with a daily sweet tea and the regular dixie chicks jam session. You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl!

In Samantha’s world anything can be fixed with a glass of red wine, a face mask and a Facetime call back home.

Products She can’t Get Enough Of:

1.       French Girl – Lumiere Bronzer Shimmer Oil

2.       BOPO – Gentle Hydrating Facial Moisturizer

3.       Plant Apothecary – Not A Spot Acne Treatment Mask

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Your interaction with Naked Natural doesn’t just end when you finish your class. For us, it’s the beginning of a relationship, built on offering you advice and access to the highest quality natural skincare.

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Everyone belongs on their own beauty journey. Naked Natural believes women of all ages, shapes and sizes deserve to live a beautiful life, free from the barriers that prevent them from appreciating themselves. We seek to empower women to see the beauty of their naked truth through education, inspiration, and motivation.
— Jordan, Brooke + Samantha