Bybi | Detox Dust

Bybi | Detox Dust


Product Description

An anti-pollution face mask designed specifically to draw out toxins and impurities from the skin. Ideal if your skin is feeling stressed and dull, Detox Dust attracts the grime and dirt accumulated on the surface of the skin after a hard day�۪s slog in the city, whilst also repairing and protecting from the damage caused by pollution and environmental stressors (a bit like a weekend away in the country for your skin). The best bit? You whip this up at home yourself.
Result = detoxified, bright, balanced skin and refined pores.

Key Benefits

Pollution takes its toll on our skin, Detox Dust has been formulated to combat that. The super-absorbent powers of activated charcoal are responsible for drawing out the dirt and grime caused by city life. Pollution also throws your skin�۪s oil production out of whack, often causing it to over-produce, which results in break outs and areas of acne. White clay mops up excess oil, balancing out the skin and helping to get rid of spots.

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