Bybi | Buffer Lip Scrub

Bybi | Buffer Lip Scrub


Product Description

A lip scrub that makes lips way less flaky and way more luscious. Bet the thought of including a lip scrub in your beauty routine hadn�۪t even crossed your mind until you suffered a classic change-in-temperature, or morning-after-the-night-before dry lip and now here you are! Buffer will become a staple part of your regime because it�۪s one of those products you didn�۪t know you needed until you had it. A dual action scrub that buffs away those dreaded dry, chapped, flaky bits of skin. Softer lips that look really healthy and also make a great base for longer-lasting lipstick. Oh and p.s it�۪s strawberry and cinnamon flavour, so smells great.
Housed in our iconic eco-tubes made from sugarcane rather than plastic.
Results = smooth, well conditioned lips and not a flake in sight.

Key Benefits

Brown sugar granules wipe away the flakey bits of skin and both agave and cherry oils hydrate dry lips. As if that wasn�۪t sweet enough, strawberry extract and cinnamon oil encourage improved circulation underneath the skin, which in turn enhances shape and definition. It smells lovely and if you accidentally get a bit in your mouth as your scrub, it tastes lovely too.

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